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Keep up the good fight Everett!! …

Comment on Hemp.com letter to President Obama by Josh.

Keep up the good fight Everett!!

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Hemp.com letter to President Obama
Thanks Jimmy. Much appreciated. Make sure you go to Votehemp.com and send a letter!

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Illinois Decides to Stay Ignorant – No Hemp For You!
Bill you are absolutely right that Industrial Hemp would weaken marijuana if grown near or up wind from an outdoor farm.

The issue is that the information is out there and available for anyone who wants to or is interested in learning about it.

I think Law Enforcement is behind the ignorance. I have talked to a number of law Enforcement officials who are both ignorant to the fact that you can’t grow Marijuana near hemp. But also it seems that they just don’t care to learn. They continue the propaganda that you can hide Marijuana in hemp fields and the general public believes them.

So in your opinion what should be done?

Pepsi introduces all-plant plastic bottle, no hemp in it yet
Now if only they could put something healthy IN in the bottle. 😉

A house fit for a… Prince
Thanks Alex. Appreciate the feedback. I’ll take responsibility for that one. Every once in a while my eyes deceive me. Thank you for visiting hemp.com. Please let us know what you would like to see more of!! – Josh

New attitudes to Hemp enable an agricultural comeback
Paul what an awesome article. Thanks for writing this – very informative!!

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