Durable iPhone case made out of plants

five series of iPhoneYea I said plants…

And yea I said iPhone

Maybe not made out of hemp yet but they come from a company that could very easily surprise us in the next few months and start offering it in hemp (please please ). It is made out of plants which makes it notable here at hemp.com.  Another brilliant product from the organic composite plastic guru’s at Hemp Plastics (UK) Ltd.. Your iPhone will never be the same once you get this stylish and durable iphone cover.
They make them for five, yes 5 series of iPhones, yea, they didn’t forget you.  Never before has such a brilliant use of plants been so beautiful while being so functional. With details like  a Specially carved out flash window that prevents hues and unwanted colors during flash photography and has a one piece, snap-on cover that is easy to put on and take off why would you go for one made out of plastics from fossil fuels?? Yikes…

iphone case iphone cover

“The all new iPhone 4 cover is made of plants, letting you protect your iPhone 4 in style and with a clean environmental conscience.

Developed with a unique advanced bioplastic material mix – exclusive for the iPhone and iPad that considerably improves the strength and durability of your iPhone 4 cover.

The popular and now patent pending feet are placed at the corners of the cover, giving your iPhone 4 screen protection during face down placements on flat surfaces.”

Such an innovative way top protect your iPhone and with a cool factor of 10 for being able to say “yea, it’s made out of plants”  So, What are you waiting for?  Check them out and pick up your eco-friendly iPhone cover today! You can learn more and get yours today HERE!!

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