Healthy Eating Made Possible-HEMP

HEMP-Healthy eating made possible-Paul_BenhaimIt is that time of year again where we come up with “new year’s resolution’s” and one of mine was to read more…

So what did I pick to start off the new year?

H.E.M.P Healthy Eating Made Possible

Author Paul Benhaim has managed to jam this book from front to back with informative and well laid out information. Whether you are looking for a “quick answer” to a hemp question or a great read from cover to cover this book delivers. H.E.M.P. is for anyone interested in health, nutrition and natural cures. It discusses the importance of making informed choices regarding diet, not only for ourselves, but for the planet. Paul considers hemp a “lifestyle choice” and has dedicated his life to teaching others about the wonders of the hemp plant. It is a great book! If just for the 200+ recipies that will forever change how you look at hemp. Pick up your copy today at the Author’s site!

More on the author, Paul Benhaim
Born in the UK, travelled the world for 10 years, pioneered new industries in the UK and Australia, successfully ran business spanning over 10 countries and four continents, authored 4 books, produced 2 music cds, one tv show and dvd, raised over one million dollars in private investment, created business worth tens of millions of dollars, CEO for 4 years, owner and producer of 9 websites, director on various boards as well as a certified yoga teacher, masseur, meditator and loving father.

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