Hemp in consumer products: Ride Snowboards

Hemp has been slowly but steadily dribbling it’s way into consumer’s hands in the US over the last few years – a trend we love to see at Hemp.com.

Manufacturers are embracing the amazing properties of Hemp fiber for their products while capturing the “green” benefits this low carbon-footprint plant has to offer.

Ride snowboards has a cool new board this year that ditches  the whole top layer of chemically-created plastic for Hemp.  The new layer is said to drop a half-pound off the board’s total weight making for a responsive and quicker carve.

We haven’t tried it yet [hint,hint Ride], so if any of our readers have any info about it let us know in the comments here.

Here’s what Ride says about their own board:

Built with the new Hempbrain® top sheet uses less material by completely eliminating the traditional plastic top, Ride’s new hemp top sheet is lighter and stronger, and made from an easily renewable resource that requires little processing. Hemp is fast growing, requires no irrigation or pesticides, and helps clean up toxins from the ground. Feel good about what you Ride.

The Slackcountry UL ($649.95), from Ride Snowboards, trades the snowboard’s traditional top layer of plastic for hemp fiber.

Remember, using Hemp in products is a conscious choice by manufacturers to do the right thing for the environment.  It costs more to use Hemp fiber in anything, so vote for Hemp with your dollars.  Reward manufacturers for using hemp by buying their products.

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3 thoughts on “Hemp in consumer products: Ride Snowboards”

  1. I just put 3 days on the new hempbrain ride dh LE, the board is a beast and ate up everything before me on the mountain…

  2. Hemp & Snowboarding go hand in hand, obviously. The hempbrain topsheet is on my LE DH 2 as well, after 3 days on the board i love it. The hempbrain has a cool texture and really makes the graphics pop. Hemp is my kind of sustainable resource, don’t criticize it.

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