Podcast#2 – Nathan Armstrong, President of Motive Industries Inc.

The Kestrel, with a hemp bio-composite shell.

In this Podcast Hemp.com’s Josh Davis interviews Nathan Armstrong, President of Motive Industries Inc. about their latest car, the Kestrel, which feature a Hemp Bio-Composite Body. Hemp.com goes in-depth to understand what Bio-composites are and why now is the time that we should be looking to hemp and other bio-crops as sustainable alternatives to certain metals  and petroleum based products.

Nathan Armstrong - President of Motive Industries Inc.

Out of the total Bio-Mass on Earth that is available, only 3.5% is actually used. And from that 3.5%, 70% is gone to make food and 2.5% is used to make plastics and chemicals.  In terms of wealth about $400 Billion is generated out of the food side and about $400 Billion generated out of the plastics and chemicals side. So the potential for bio-materials in the market place is absolutely enormous. – Nathan Armstrong interviewed by Josh Davis for hemp.com.

Learn more about Motive Industries at their website: http://www.motiveind.com/

Hemp bio-composite before finishing
Adding a colored finishing layer to the door.
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