Willie Nelson supports hemp! So does the candidate Willie Supports

Nelson and Gatewood hightimes

Nelson and Gatewood hightimesWillie Nelson Endorses Kentucky Governor Candidate

Those crazy kids down at  CelebStoner caught up with Willie Nelson and he is back in the spotlight with people that support industrial hemp.  We here at Hemp.com have a special pace in our hearts for Willie Nelson and his great story!

Anyway…Willie Nelson and Gatewood Galbraith are joining together again. Nelson has endorsed Galbraith’s campaign to become the next governor of Kentucky. He supported the hemp-friendly lawyer in 1991 when he first ran for the statehouse.

CelebStoner reported this quote

“I’m a longtime friend of Gatewood Galbraith. We crossed Kentucky in a car that ran on hemp fuel one time when he ran for governor. I think the Teapot Party should back him this time. He’s a good man and will do a good job.”

Nelson and CelebStoner founded the Teapot Party after the singer’s arrest for marijuana in November. The TPP now has more than 50,000 friends on Facebook and chapters in every state.

“What an honor to receive the endorsement of the Teapot Party,” Galbraith says. “I have been a longtime advocate for changing the laws and have utilized the election process as a method to get the information to the people.”

In 1991, Nelson joined Galbraith for a tour of the state and a benefit concert. he lost that gubernatorial election, but hasn’t stopped trying ever since. Galbraith also ran in for Governor in 1995 and 1999, for Congress in 2000 and 2002, and Attorney General in 2003.

“Throughout my entire political career I have stood for abolishing the laws against cannabis,” he adds. I have appeared on hundreds of radio and tv shows as a spokesperson for getting the government off the backs of the people. That message is getting a lot of play these days.

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