Hemp Root – A Little Known Cure for Muscle Pain

As if this plant couldn’t do everything – there is yet another application.

Hemp-Eaze Products

About a month ago I pulled the muscles in my lower back. I was bed ridden for about 2 days with severe muscle swelling. It hurt so bad that I could barely walk.

I would ice it to ease the swelling but nothing really helped. Ibuprofin, ice, tiger balm. It only helped a little.

Then Hemp to the rescue.

I googled Hemp and Back pain as I laid in bed and found a little known, but highly effective product called Hemp-Eaze.  I will admit I was hesitant. Although I’m a big proponant of hemp, I had never heard of the root being useful.

But according to Darcy Stoddard the creator of Hemp-Eaze:

The proprietary blend of Hemp-Eaze rejuvenates circulation, promotes cellular growth and encourages deep tissue healing. It relieves sore muscles and bone aches by reducing swelling and relieving pain which enables the healing of sprains, arthritic joints, and joint pain. The choice of herbs for Hemp-Eaze is designed to help eliminate bruising and mend wounds by reducing damaged blood vessels.

And I am a testament to the healing properties of this product. Within a couple hours the swelling in my back went down enough for me to walk around – Two more days and I was up and running agin. Now I use Hemp-eaze on sore muscles after lifting at the gym and have given it to a friend who suffers from arthritis. It seems to be working for her as well.

According to the Hemp-Eaze website

Medicinal use of Hemp Root originated in Central Asia and was cultivated in China as early as 2,800 B.C. The first recordings attributing to the healing powers of Hemp root was by Chinese pharmacopoeia. Around 2,000 B.C., Ancient Egypt gave the world one of it’s first medical texts,  The Ebers Papyrus. It contains some 800 recipes and refers to hemp root remedies several times. In  Medieval Europe physicians prescribed the root to alleviate the agonies of gout and other painful diseases. The root was also made into an oiled salve for burns. Warmed oiled root paste was massaged into sore muscles and used for arthritis, easing swelling and painful joints. Among the vast array of useful native American plants is hemp. Listed for it’s ability to ease pain reduce swelling and soothe a variety of disorders. Although the root has no THC,it has locked in the healing elements, of cannasativine, that have proven to be a great anti-inflammatory painkilling agent with deep penetration

So try it for yourself… Hemp-Eaze. A great product made from an incredible plant.

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