New Product: Hemp Shield Deck Finish

Hemp Shield

You’ve been dreaming of BBQ’s, Pasta Salad & Lemonade, but  the sound of wind and ice outside is a cold reminder that spring has taken vacation and you weren’t invited.  But there is hope:  underneath all the snow and dead leaves lies a tribute to man’s relaxational ingenuity. The American Deck. Spring and summer here you come!

The gang over at Hemp Shield have a great new product that can help you enjoy the leisure of spring and summer with the knowledge you are being kind to the environment and your deck.

The best part is that is made with 100% pure hemp seed oil as one of it’s major components in it’s proprietary mix along with “state of the art ”
formaldehyde free algicide, mildewcide and fungicide (not made from hemp oil) and it’s environmentally friendly!

According to David Seber Founder Hemp Shield:

 Hemp Shield Deck Finish™our 100% pure virgin hemp oil into a stable, water reducible base for woodcoatings. Due to the extremely small particle size attained by the modified hemp oil, it is drawn deep through the wood fibers. As Hemp Shield™ travels into the wood, it delivers the specially formulated biocides and fungicides incorporated in the Hemp Shield™ formula.

Hemp Shield Deck Finish™ eco-friendly technology, and contain no formaldehyde compounds. These biocides and fungicides have been tested on douglas fir, redwood, and cedar, the wood most widely used in deck and fence construction.

Check out Hemp Shield.

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