A house fit for a… Prince

Prince Charles has unveiled his vision of housing in the future: Sustainable, eco-friendly living with hemp-insulated materials at the  Ideal Home Show in London.

Chief Executive Hank Dittmar of the Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment states:

‘It’s an extremely well insulated home, made form natural healthy materials and it’s designed so that for the most part you won’t need central heating, you can just have a little wood burning stove to take the chill off from time to time.’

The house has clay walls and utilizes hemp-lime and sheep’s wool insulation in the roof and floors.

In an article last week Prince Charles wrote:
‘We need to rethink the way we plan our homes, shops, schools and their relationship to one another. Such eco-engineering can learn from Nature, from traditional communities and from the best of contemporary technology.’

DailyMail.co.uk-Prince Charles eco-friendly future

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    Great story, O not another GRAMMAR NANNA..thanks for posting the story very interesting.
    ALEX get a life.

  2. Thanks Alex. Appreciate the feedback. I’ll take responsibility for that one. Every once in a while my eyes deceive me. Thank you for visiting hemp.com. Please let us know what you would like to see more of!! – Josh

  3. Thanks Alex!
    Our Spell checker is on vacation and we figured the story was worth getting published, even if we have a spelling error or three.
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