Australia Contemplates Nutritious Hemp

Our friends down under are contemplating the use of hemp seed as a food staple. Currently, it is illegal to consume hemp in Australia and New Zealand…although it is legal to grow hemp for fiber. Go figure.

hemp in australia
Hemp growing in Australia

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is currently conducting a study to see if hemp as a food product has any safety issue. So far they have found none. (Nor will they – as we know hemp seed has low/no THC. – But don’t tell anyone we want it to be a surprise.)

However, Hemp is not out of the woods yet. Occording to FSANZ’s response to the hemp application:

Other issues relate to identifying and quantifying potential impacts of an approval of hemp foods on other food regulatory stakeholders, food manufacturers and consumers. FSANZ believes that before it can present a preferred option in terms of any potential approval of low THC hemp foods, these issues need to be discussed by the broader community, including, consumers, the hemp industry, food regulators and other interested parties.” supports the right for the Australian and New Zealand people to have access to this nutritious non-psychoactive food.

Perhaps America and Australia exchange ideas over a hemp protein smoothy and both come out understanding the benefits of this wonderful plant. We could make it legal here for our farmers to grow and for Australia to open their kitchens to the wonders of hemp nutrition.

Seems like a win-win to us.

To read more about the application go here: – hemp foods and the fsanz

Learn more about what the current status of Hemp in Australia here.

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  1. Hi Sean,

    In this article you wrote:
    To read more about the application go here:

    However, this is a link to a 2008 article about US legislation, not recent Australian legisltaion.

    Here is a link to my submission to FSANZ:

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