Nutiva challenged DEA to sell hemp foods in US

Hemp leaves
Hemp leaves

Here’s a great article about how Nutiva founder John Roulac fought the DEA and opened the doors for Hemp-foods in the US health food industry.

via Bloomberg – natural foods retailer nutiva challenges dea, embraces hemp .

The American hemp-food market is growing quickly, according to natural food market analyst SPINS, which pegged it at around $40 million in 2010 not including sales at whole foods, up 10 percent from 2009, and reports that nutiva leads its 26 u.s. competitors in hemp oil and seed sales.

It is interesting that it took one man fighting an unjust seizure of his Hemp seed trucks to make the government see the error of it’s ways.

Imagine what an army of advocates could do.  The main thing holding Hemp back from public acceptance is the sometimes intentional blurring of Hemp and pot.  Linking the non-psycoactive hemp plant to the drug pot is an easy way for people to dismiss it as backdooring legalized drugs.

“I don’t know if the stigma will ever go away with hemp; if people will ever understand it’s not a THC product,” says Anna Soref, editor-in-chief of trade publication Natural Foods Merchandiser.

We have to always be conscious of this stigma and make sure we educate people out of that mental hole.

If you have a chance try Nutiva’s Hemp shake.  I just ordered a sample pack from Amazon and I have to say their shakes are amazing!

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