Obama keeps making more government jobs and this is what I get

Obama, our presidentToday I was conversing with a friend.  This person is an avid environmentalist and has shown me a thing or two about being a better steward of the nature around us And that is where this story gets weird.   It all started with a text message from them asking if I had a few to meet them at a coffee shop.  Sounded serious,  so I ablidged.  Upon arriving I found myself looking at a troubled and nervous friend that normally is not this way.  We stood in line, discussed latte’s and such but all the while they keep looking around, checking out the scene.

Our coffee’s arrived at the end of the bar and we took our seats at a table, oddly enough in a corner.  They looked at me, shook their head back and forth and muttered these words…

“I am sorry but I have to ask that you please stop sending me emails that mention “hemp” or talk to me about what your doing with that hemp website.  I am trying to get this government job and I have an interview this week.  I really want to get this job. “

After picking up my jaw off the floor I realized that this is not a rare instance of a troubled understanding of the industrial hemp plant, this is normal due to the lack of education on the wonderful plant we call hemp.
I digress. 
How do I respond to that?
“Um, OK, sure I will add hemp to the “naughty word” list for you.” 
Really? That, of course is not what I said and in all reality my response is irrelevent to the point.

Have we become a society where freedom has become hiding your beliefs just to get a job?

In this case, Hemp could help Mr. President Obama with job creation, industry creation and US manufacturing…etc.
So, again I ask of all of you out there to ‘Get Active’ and send our president a letter!  Go and read Josh’s letter to the President of the United States of America entitled “Dear President Obama” and then get out there and ‘Get Active’,  send our president a letter!  Help him to understand that the people need the jobs and remind him of hemp’s important role in forming this incredible country!

Hemp is an amazing plant and should not be something thats value is hidden behind the rules of our government.  President Obama, I ask you, I plea to you to allow our farmers to have a cash crop that does not require subsidies, one that has more uses than any other plant known to man and woman.  Mr. Obama, It is time. Save our farmers!  Create industry around the processing of the hemp those farmers grow!  Create manufacturing jobs to use the hemp fiber, hemp plastic and hemp oil to bring back the greatness of this country.  Mr President Obama, Give the people back the ability to be self reliant.  One-crop can cloth your family, fuel your car,  feed your family and provide building materials  to suit your needs.

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4 thoughts on “Obama keeps making more government jobs and this is what I get”

  1. I live in Idaho and growing Hemp would make us both environmentaly more healthy as well as financialy more stable. It is the most valuable plant on the planet and yet we ignore it or continue to spread the lies. My son Lukas has been trying to spread the word and written countless letters to local politacal representatives as well as to the White House. If we could just get more documentaries on t.v. that factualy prove the many values and make it completely legas we may finally get the country on board. It would solve many of our environmental issues and make fuel affordable and clean not to mention the thousands of other benefits. How can we help spread the word?

    1. Telling your friends about hemp and hemp.com is the best way! Support US hemp companies that would support the US farmers that would grow the hemp. Link to this site in facebook, twitter, and everywhere else you can to help others find us. Hemp is such a forgotten resource and we need to re-educate people on the 1000’s of uses of hemp!

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