“Go Grow Yourself a Life” is new Government program aimed to stamp out hunger and poverty

Go Grow Yourself a Life

Go Grow Yourself a LifeIn a bold step today, Congress introduced a new law that gives the national parks service the authority and duty to hand out free hemp seeds to all persons without jobs. The ‘Go Grow Yourself a Life’ program is expected to be able to reach almost 72 million Americans in the first year and will have a cost savings of 16 billion the first year and almost 24 billion the second year through a staged shutdown of the welfare/food stamp system. The program recipients of the hemp seeds will be required to grow them. They take the harvested and dried hemp plants to a processing facility. The hemp processing facility will remove the seeds from the stalk. The fiber is processed and made into hemp clothing/paper and the seeds are made into either fuel or food depending on the growers needs. These homeless and sometimes destitute people will be taught how to grow themselves a new life. The program is aimed at reducing the already overburdened food system as a first step in stopping welfare altogether. A pilot program is expected to start as early as next month but the pending government shut down has Obama working on other issues. When Obama was asked about the program he said “You can grow fuel? Ahmm ”. Pundits are suggesting this is another attempt to defund welfare and the food stamp system. They are right! Defunding welfare and replacing it with a multi-use cash crop would open the doors for a lot more people. My thoughts on this are simple “Go grow yourself a life” Happy April 1st.

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5 thoughts on ““Go Grow Yourself a Life” is new Government program aimed to stamp out hunger and poverty”

  1. “The program recipients of the hemp seeds will be required to grow them.”

    Always dictating and making people do things… Instead of making a normal industry, force poor people by law to do slave labor aka “grow themselves a life”… You should have a choice. I agree in helping the country but there never is anything that makes me want to follow through… Do it for the good of the country? Sounds great! Do it or go to jail? Go f$#@ yourself!

  2. Wow thst is really a shame, I thought the people of Illinois was smarter then that… Maybe they are collectively, but not in this case. I wonder what was the percent of the population voted against Hemp. Hmmmm I would figure the commodities market would wellcome the idea. But then again many other investments would take hits if Hemp was able to take its roll as a vital commodity once again.

    There is something people can do, and that is to cultivate Kenaf… Which can do the same thing as hemp and actually does some things better. Kenaf is fully legal and looks like Hemp, but it flowers. I believe pound for pound that is one reason why it removes more co2 from the air then any other plant on the planet. Harvested twice a year, for carbon sequestration there is no better plant. Think of planting these carbon sinks,everywhere to clean the air then harvest and use for biofuel, bio plastics, composite fiber for electric vehilces or animal feed.. This is one way to introduce what hemp can do.

  3. Is ths a April Food or April Fuel joke? Actually the joke is on the citzens of the USA whose ignorant goverment officials won’t legalize growing hemp in the USA.

    1. Your right on all regards. The average United States citizen does not know the depth of the industrial hemp history that helped to found this great nation. It is time for ‘forward thinking’ in regards to our ability as a country to meet our own needs. We need to remove the government hurdles that prevent the US citizens from doing this at the foundation, our farmers. Send Obama a letter and let him know you want our farmers to be able to grow hemp! Share the word! Send a link to your friends to this post, help them start talking about it too. The more people that learn about industrial hemp the faster we can help this country’s heartland and fiscal health.

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