Illinois Decides to Stay Ignorant – No Hemp For You!

Illinois rejected a House Bill 1383, sponsored by Rep. Ken Dunkin, D-Chicago, on Thursday that would have allowed its farmers to grow industrial hemp.

According to Dunkin’s view, “This is part of the new green movement across the nation,” Dunkin said. “This will put Illinois ahead of most states.”

As it stands now most states have not legalized Industrial Hemp – only the smart ones. Sadly Illinois is still lost in the dark ages of American history when hemp was synonymous with Marijuana and education about the plant didn’t exist.

However, today we have a wealth of information at our finger tips and yet the House Bill 1383 was defeated 28-83. What does this mean?

It means that 83 House Reps in Illinois are ignorant or afraid to do what is right and vote Yes for Industrial Hemp. It means they are uneducated about its potential.

Here are the vetoers:

Reps. Raymond Poe, R-Springfield, and Rich Brauer, R-Petersburg, also voted against the measure.

“I had a call from (Sangamon County) Sheriff (Neil) Williamson, and he asked me not to support it,” Brauer said.

Williamson said legalizing hemp production would make it harder to look for illegal marijuana, Chief Deputy Jack Campbell said. Monitoring is done by helicopter, and it would be hard for sheriff’s deputies to differentiate between legal industrial hemp and illegal marijuana, he said.

Over and over we are seeing the same arguments. “It would be hard to tell the difference between Marijuana and Hemp.” And over and over with every word out of their mouth the anti-hempers display their ignorance to their constituents and the rest of the United States.

My favorite quote was from Chief Deputy Jack Cambell who said so eloquently,

“Like with medical marijuana, there will probably be abuse with it, and it would probably be a nightmare to control,” Campbell said.

I don’t even know what this means. There would be abuse with Hemp? It would be difficult to control? Their small neighbor to the North CANADA doesn’t seem to have a problem with it and they only have millions of acres of farmland.What does he mean there would be abuse with it? People would grow marijuana on their property and then call it hemp? Come on be realistic – of course their would be certain provisions in place for people who wanted to grow hemp. You would need to file a permit and have exact GPS coordinates for your farm!

It’s maddening to see adults speak about something they know very little about and make decisions for the people of their state without having he slightest idea of the implications.

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3 thoughts on “Illinois Decides to Stay Ignorant – No Hemp For You!”

  1. As someone raised in farming and experianced in AG Im suprised i haven,t seen the truth of this issue explained properly by the scientific community. The planting of industial hemp would be detrimental to someone trying to grow Marijuana.Hemp , like corn is pollinated by the wind. Industrial help would actually ruin any marijuna grown for quite a distance. Illegal marijuana growers are quite aware of this fact and wouldn,t waste the time, money or risk to do it. Just one mans opinion.

    1. Bill you are absolutely right that Industrial Hemp would weaken marijuana if grown near or up wind from an outdoor farm.

      The issue is that the information is out there and available for anyone who wants to or is interested in learning about it.

      I think Law Enforcement is behind the ignorance. I have talked to a number of law Enforcement officials who are both ignorant to the fact that you can’t grow Marijuana near hemp. But also it seems that they just don’t care to learn. They continue the propaganda that you can hide Marijuana in hemp fields and the general public believes them.

      So in your opinion what should be done?

  2. I drink hemp milk,eat hemp ice cream, hemp oil. cant believe the state I was born in is so ignorant. keep hemp illegal but have governors doing time in jail. Ill is the worst state in the union,its a virtual police state. cant find enough ways to arrest and jail people. I am ashamed to be from ILL.

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