Can hemp win in a marijuana society

Boulder County MarijuanaI often wonder why it is that our craving as a society is the medicine that gives us relief and not the immense opportunity the hemp plant (cousin to marijuana) has. Hemp has been overlooked and misunderstood for decades now. Ignored as a resource but associated with ‘Marijuana’. A tragic victim of politics and perception. People that take the time to learn about hemp can’t understand why we do not grow it and the other half thinks of you as a hippy or junky for mentioning it. Can hemp win in this society where marijuana is in the news everyday and the line between hemp and marijuana has been skewed in most peoples minds.

Hemp is an amazing plant! Hemp products are often better than the synthetic counterparts. Hemp products such as hemp oil, hemp paint, hemp foods, hemp paper, hemp plastics, etc. The list is so long that I cannot list them all here but we still are not allowed to grow this plant in the United States of America.

The Canadians are growing industrial hemp as it is now legal there and making millions from exporting the pressed hempseed oil, hempseeds, processed fibers etc to the USA as well as other countries. The hemp industry grows by leaps and bounds each year! More and more incredible hemp products are released. Houses are now being built with hemp and hemp products all over the world and yet President Obama has never mentioned industrial hemp or the job creation the a new industry would create.

How do we as Americans speak of our freedom when our freedom’s are owned by the Government. If industrial hemp is on a ballot in your area, Vote For it! Vote for industrial hemp and put our farmers back to work.

Can hemp make a comeback in this marijuana society? I think it can and will but it will take your help! Get active and share the difference between marijuana and hemp, one gets you high and other creates a few industries worth of jobs.

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  1. Are there petitions and efforts to solicit support in political arenas for the legalization of Hemp in Kansas?

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