Hemp Plastic Growing The Future

Could you imagine a world without plastic? I can’t. From our water bottles to step ladders to our precious toys we had as kids, Plastic is everywhere and it’s not going anywhere anytime fast.

But what if all the Petrochemical Miracles could be made using our green friend Mr. Hemp and what if you could start your own business utilizing this wonderful plant?

Paul Benhaim, Hemp extraordinaire can teach you all you need to know about Hemp Plastic, it’s place in modern industry and the potential for growing a sustainable business.

According to Paul:

Hemp Plastics can be five times stiffer and 2.5 times stronger than polypropylene, it will not cause wear and tear to the screw and the mould like glass fibres do, and unlike glass fibres, it does not pose safety and health risks. Its recoverable component comes from these natural plants and can occupy over half of its weight, up to 80 percent. All these features make it suitable for the production of durable products.

If you are interested in Learning more about this Eco-Opportunity visit Pauls Website www.hempplastic.com

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