Hemp.Com Wants Your Suggestions!!!

In an effort to meet the demands of our visitors (you guys and gals) we’d like to pose a simple question:

What can hemp.com offer you that it is not already?

We already update you what is going on in the world of hemp. Now we are in the process of creating a Hemp Recipe Section where you can submit your favorite recipes and pictures and learn some great new ones too.

But what else do you want?

Would you like to see us offer hemp T-shirts?, Hemp products like clothes, bags, and food…everything Hemp?

More podcasts and interviews? In-depth Articles?

Just let us know.

Also – if you are a writer and would like to submit an article or an idea for an article – you can do so by send an email to josh@hemp.com.

We are open to suggestions of how we can best serve the Hemp Community!! So let us know how we can help you Hemp For Life!



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3 thoughts on “Hemp.Com Wants Your Suggestions!!!”

  1. I am assuming that the U S has no infrastructure for the processing of any raw hemp at all, or manufacturing of hemp fibers into products, the interested parties need to be able to connect in order to build the infrastructure fairly quick. Where can we get viable seed? Where can we get the machinery we are going to need, who will an interested party buy fabric yardage from? I guess my question is – since we will probably be able to farm it finally in the near future, what then? So is there/will there be a U. S. hemp industry directory soon or ?

  2. I was thinking a great way of letting the public know how great hemp is by making a up-to-date Hemp for Victory.
    How it can add jobs and help the world. Put it on Youtube than get the world out.

  3. This is how you can help:

    We know that hemp growing in illegal for industrial/commerical farming for all the wrong reasons. Can we personally grow hemp… for food security and sustainability reasons…on our small farms and gardens????….above board

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