Hemp products: Hemp coffin-Heading for high heaven

A hemp coffinHEMP heaven can be yours for as little as $600 thanks to another Nimbin world first.

The hemp coffin prototype – made from the finest German hemp particle board – has rolled off the factory floor at the Hemp Embassy.

The hemp coffin is the brainchild of hemp activist Michael Balderstone and was designed and constructed by a team of volunteers.

Mr Balderstone said the hemp coffin was the most affordable way to go.

“I think it’s (a hemp coffin) even cheaper than a cardboard coffin and it’s definitely cheaper than timber,” he said.

Constructed from lightweight 19mm board, the hemp coffin comes with hemp-rope handles and can be hand-painted by some of Nimbin’s finest artists, although that costs extra.

It can be custom built to fit any body.

However, the coffin’s biggest selling point must be its versatility.

“We can fit it with bookshelves or as a wardrobe so you can use it until you need it,” Mr Balderstone said.

“It can also be used as a bed if you’re homeless.”

Mr Balderstone said the coffin demonstrated the many uses for hemp.

And while the coffin was sure to be a big hit with cannabis fans, there was uncertainty about whether it could be lawfully cremated.

Mr Balderstone said the embassy was looking forward to its first customer.

“There are quite a few candidates around,” Mr Balderstone said.

by Mel Mcmillan at the http://www.gattonstar.com.au

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