Australia: Hemp could get nutritional nod

Hemp Seeds are healthy!ABC News Australia – The debate in Australia over hemp is intensifying, with the food standards watchdog considering permitting the use of the controversial plant as food.

There has been hemp in Australia since the First Fleet when it was planted for its use in ship ropes, but its association with marijuana over the past century has given it a bad name.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand has found no public health or safety concerns to prevent it giving the nod to varieties of the plant that do not contain mind-altering chemicals.

Backers of hemp as food say it is high in protein and contains good fats and essential amino acids. They say hemp seed food provides many nutrients humans need that cannot be found in other food sources.

But critics argue the decision to give hemp food status would send a mixed message in the war on illicit drugs, fearing it could throw up false-positive results in drug tests used on workers, drivers and athletes.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea. I’m concerned that it might send a message that cannabis is safe, whereas it is not,” Opposition primary health spokesman Andrew Southcott said.

“What I’m saying is that cannabis itself as a drug is not safe. Really it does need to be seen as part of a wider campaign to normalise the use of marijuana.”

While Food Standards acknowledges the hemp that might be approved for food is from the same plant family as marijuana, it says there is no chance of people getting high from eating it.

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  1. I am beyond frustrated with this debate. When will people learn that marijuana and hemp are different; marijuana gets you high, HEMP DOES NOT! 100% DOES NOT GET YOU HIGH! This is completely safe to ingest. We must stop using “marijuana” and “hemp” interchangeably because the benefits of hemp will not be able to thrive with the marijuana stigma.

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