Hemp Kitchen A Look Back At Some Edible Hemp Delights

Hemp Chef Inga VoloshinWe are rapidly approaching Spring, and with that picnics, BBQ’s and just a whole lot of eating healthy. So we thought we’d take a peek at some of the great recipes we had our Hemp Chef Inga Voloshin put together for us.

That way when we have a whole new list of awesome hemp food recipes we’ll have that much more to choose from.

On your mark
Get Set

Quinoa Hemp Veggie Burgers.
Starting with Quinoa Hemp Veggie Burgers. Just saying that makes our mouths water over here in the Hemp Lab. One thing we learned was they can be messy so make sure you get all the excess water out of the Quinoa – it makes for a more mold-able  burger and holds its shape better.

The Mango Hempseed Chutney on Hemp Flatbread.
We liked the color variation with the dark hemp flour and the nice bright sunburst of color in the chutney. Actually we’ll go so far as saying the chutney alone was amazing and you didn’t even need the flatbread.

And now that I’m thinking about it – If you eat meat bet this would go great on a chicken or pork. Yum.

Phyllio Cigars Filled with Apricots and Hemp Seeds.
Eating them was almost as fun as making them!
If you wanted to cook something fun with your kids this would be a good one. The Phyllo dough is fun to play with and you can eat the inside as you go.  The one thing we didn’t try was adding some ice-cream of which they do in fact make out of hemp… perhaps we will have to make our own hemp ice-cream for you all.

Do you have your own Hemp Recipes email at custormersupport@hemp.com us and let us know. Send us pics and well post your recipes for all to see along with your pics.

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