Support Letter for North Dakota Hemp Farming

Our friend David Pillar has a nice article in Grand Fork Herald’s online addition. Former Governor and current North Dakota Senator John Hoeven is being called upon to show support and leadership in support of a Senate bill, similar to House Bill HR 1831, that would allow farmers to grow industrial hemp legally.  Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore. has already said he will co-sponsor the bill.

David is asking all those in favor of this bill to please show your support to Sen. Hoeven. and visit and send a letter to Sen. Hoeven asking him to please show leadership on this issue!


Read David’s article below:

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OAKLAND, Calif. — I am writing to inform Herald readers of an incredible opportunity for North Dakota to lead the nation toward a more prosperous future for all Americans.

As many readers may be aware, then-Gov. Ed Schafer in 1999 signed into law HB 1428, which allowed for the cultivation of industrial hemp, a crop with a rich history of being grown and used in the U.S. since the establishment of the first colonies.

This was followed by other bills signed into law by then-Gov. John Hoeven in 2007.

This resulted in North Dakota being the first state in many decades to grant farmers industrial hemp farming licenses.

But as noted by Hoeven in a letter sent to the Department of Justice in November 2009, licensed farmers have been “unwilling to proceed with growing industrial hemp since they could be prosecuted by your agency under the Controlled Substances Act.”

Now in Congress, North Dakota Sen. Hoeven is in a prime position to lead the cause at the federal level — but he needs voters’ help and support to do so.

As noted by Vote Hemp on its website,, Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., is ready to co-sponsor a Senate companion bill to HR 1831, the Industrial Hemp Farming Act, which currently is in the House.

It’s clear that there’s widespread support in North Dakota for Hoeven to take a leadership position on this issue.

I invite Herald readers to show their support by using the link at and urging him to be this co-sponsor and help farmers in North Dakota and elsewhere once again grow this valuable cash crop.

David Piller

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