Ron Wyden Introduces Industrial Hemp Amendment To Farm Bill

Senator Ron Wyden supports Industrial HempSenator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) on Thursday introduced an amendment to the farm bill that would allow farmers to grow industrial hemp.

The amendment, S.3240, would exclude industrial hemp from the definition of “marijuana,” thereby allowing hemp farming to be regulated by state permitting programs, bypassing the federal government’s long-standing prohibition of marijuana. A sister bill, H.R. 1831, was introduced in the House earlier this session by Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas).

“The federal prohibition on growing industrial hemp has forced companies to needlessly import raw materials from other countries,” said Wyden in a statement on Thursday. “My amendment to the Farm Bill will change federal policy to allow U.S. farmers to produce hemp for these safe and legitimate products right here, helping both producers and suppliers to grow and improve Oregon’s economy in the process.”

Seventeen states have passed pro-hemp legislation, while eight have removed barriers to its production. Still, farmers in these states are at risk of being raided by federal agents and losing their crops.

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2 thoughts on “Ron Wyden Introduces Industrial Hemp Amendment To Farm Bill”

  1. Careful, big brother will allow states to charge exorbitant “liscensing” and “taxes” so those of you who don’t have 10,000 acres better rethink HEMP as an alternative to growing other goods. You know it will happen…since when has the government NOT dipped in for their “fair” share? And we allow it to happen.

  2. I was pleased to read this article I’ve been studying this natural resourse for awhile now for all the reasons it’s a resourse that makes sense made in the USA, hemp fiber cars bricks blocks what ever building material needed leaving no carbin foot print 1 acre ea. yr saves 14 acres of 20 yr old forest in which only 30% of forest is purposeful where as the 1 acre ea. yr. has 70% of needed chemival in hemp to make paper alone the 70% of trees not used for paper is melted down w/ toxic chemicals & wasted killing our world removing our oxygen causing globel warming manmy farms full of industrial hemp will put back into the air oxygen & the earth canadas new sports car I think its called the Kelsey I don’t recall but our country could easily go green & break ties from mid. eastern counties Cobert talking now about drilling in many countries for oil America needs to use this alturnative which is nothing but a win win situation get over the crude oil addiction the oil companies will have to buy thier oil from hemp farmers in the USA switch the oil your using tycoons of oil all these wars is the blood shed worth it can they sleep at night forign oil trade has never been a positive biz. move keeps us in trouble it’s bad for the earth theres a much better way farming industrial hemp save American farming create new industries to create building materials build & sell biodegradable cars in a million yrs no carbin ft. prints no more rusty junk yards setting all over the country after a long time the car or buildings would compost themselves, & importantly nomore emissions into the air that are toxic like crude oil saving enough forest to add to helping stop globel warming these steps are positive steps frwd it seems like something that if done world wide would make a huge differance the economy situation science re: medicine in re: to cannibus but just growing hemp would save many american farms give our country access to what they should of been using since henry ford his car was hempfiber just like fiberglass but stronger canadas Kelsey car is sports car entirely made of hemp looks like leather suede fiberglass fancy slick car completely green that’s so wonderful I hope that someone who knows the truth despite law will follow thru with innovations & pattons are created for new hemp products on the market made in america put our $ into our own economy help those we can learn a new way get rid of old nasty bad habits & do something good for the world we live in more people get cancer in the usa than other countries due to our pollution yeaster there was an adsvisory to stay in the warm mass was forcing the pollution down toward the surface there’s no reason for this according to some info. I found looking at these issues it seems so simple to me but I’m a woman & like to think there’s a like minded person who’ll make the rite dedcissions in re: to our country & how to help fix it up little by little as fast as possible create jobs & get to work car manufacturers need to change what they’re building create factories to process the hemp into the materials needed & change how things are done at the car manufacturers many jobs will be created along the way & oil companies wont be buying crude oil from other countries we’ll have created companies to make bio hemp oil to sell to the fuel companies in usa I’m pleased w/ this hemp plant amazing all it can be used for yet is not even legal that makes entirely no sense attal.

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