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By Stephanie Bishop, Hemp Inc. Contributor — Hempsters Plant The Seed keeps changing people's viewsSince the release of Hempsters Plant the Seed in June of 2010, there are many indications showing the residual effects of the movie on consumers and activists in the form of stronger communities as well as a measured increase in end user consumer markets.

It’s easy to see why Hempsters Plant the Seed has such an impact when examining the benefits Hemp has for society. A hyper paced documentary with a sizzling soundtrack, Hempsters follows activists working to end the prohibition of the Hemp plant, documenting bold acts of civil disobedience and opposing efforts to keep the plant illegal to grow in the United States. Produced by Diana Oliver of Thunderbird Productions and Directed by Michael Henning, Hempsters puts Hemp at the heart of every grass roots effort in America today.

People are beginning to recognize the economical and environmental advantages Hemp affords local communities, which in effect improves society on a global level. Hemp exceeds fiscal performance standards of many non sustainable products on global markets and is seen more and more as restrictions for production are lifted.

The truth revealed in Hempsters Plant the Seed strikes realization with audiences, and moments of affirmation are apparent in the mannerisms of those viewing the film for the first time. People today know Hemp prohibition is more than just about the plant itself, but about larger issues like restoring constitutional rights and fighting corporate greed. Hempsters points out the government’s abuse of power when overstepping its bounds by policing public behavior in the War on Drugs.

Public perception is shifting away from the non substantiated belief that Industrial Hemp is harmful to society – as its cousin plant marijuana is currently deemed a schedule 1 drug by the FDA and considered to have no benefit to society.

Hempsters Plant the Seed inspires people to get involved in many ways, whether political or through consumer choices. VoteHemp has seen an increase in traffic on their take action page meaning more communication has been sent to those representing American voters in Washington DC. Hemp clothing stores have reported steady increases in sales over the past 5 years, some posting customers mentioning the documentary as reason for their purchases. Here are some of the many posts from the official Hempsters Plant the Seed Facebook

Fanpage showing audience feedback:

“I liked it alot 🙂 there are ALOT of FACTS that ppl either aren’t aware of or just don’t care but EVERYONE should care because the plant is totally good for the planet, the people, and the economy!!!!”
-Michelle Heintzelman Facebook Page Fan

“It breaks my heart to see our government abuse its people and its power by restricting our agricultural means and the sovereignty of our Native American brothers. The problem is so deeply rooted in ignorance and special interest that we must not only do our best to educate the American public with the TRUTH but also work to rid ourselves of those who hold position in Government who will side with special interests which help fuel the ludicrous notion of hemp being a danger to our society.”
-Benjamin Tubbs Facebook Page Fan

“People must be educated about industrial hemp, if we win this battle it will be from a grassroots effort. One educated neighbor to another. The lies that have been spread from greedy self interested moguls in government and corporate America must be exposed to the truth. Industrial Hemp is a clear alternative to foreign sources of fuel and would help to rescue our family farms, especially our tobacco farmers, who must have an alternative crop. Our Federal Government has violated, once again, the treaties made with the Indian Nations over this issue. Industrial Hemp IS NOT MARIJUANA!! Please do the research and Let Our Farmers Grow!”
-Clay Tucker Facebook Page Fan

Viewing the movie has never been easier as more and more online affiliate platforms feature the movie in their documentary sections. Here are a few places one can find and view the movie:

Netflix offers several programs for renting their movies, online and through the mail. Below is the link for viewing Hempster Plant the Seed and comments posted by other Netflix members. Membership which includes online viewing is required for the link to work.
Netflix Subscribers click here

“Great educational documentary. Shines a light on how misled we are in this country. Parents and children alike should view.”

“Anyone who believes that the cultivation of industrial grade hemp leads to more drug abuse needs to watch this documentry. Weigh the arguments for yourself and don’t let emotion cloud your reason.”

“Amazing documentary. HEMP NEEDS TO BE LEGALIZED as an industrial crop. It so ridiculous that we are cutting down trees and using up natural resources when we could just grow hemp and help the planet. Hemp is on this planet for a reason we need to take advantage of it.”

iTunes has the documentary Hempsters Plant the Seed available as a download for $9.99. I Tunes is needed to download and purchase the movie with any device supporting the application or website. You can find the movie at the link below:
Get your copy now on iTunes! Click here

“Hemp is a great solution to many things. It is used in things we all use in everyday life and we just don’t realize it. This doc. will teach you things you absolutely need to know. This could be one more step closer to legalizing the growth of hemp in the United States, and one more step of this country being less dependent on another country. Well done. Vote hemp.”
-iTunes online viewer

HuluPlus subscribers enjoying unlimited monthly screening are able to view Hempster Plant the Seed at the link below. The monthly cost for HuluPlus after the first free month is $7.99.

Hulu subscribers click here

Released and distributed by Cinema Libre Studios, copies of the DVD can be purchased online at cinemalibre.com
Look for upcoming projects from Thunderbird Productions and Producer Diana Oliver in 2013 currently in pre-production including two follow up docs on the Hemp Movement entitled, Hemp America the Revolution and Hemp Canada Seeds of Growth.

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