Colorado: First Farmer to grow Hemp legally

growing industrial hemp in ColoradoHemp, not marijuana is the topic of a story on Colorado Public radio. Industrial hemp is a relative to the more often talked about marijuana but hemp has many more uses. It has been the believe of the owners of this site that hemp can change the planet in a multitude of ways but this story brought it back to the most simple of positive facts. Hemp can bring money to the farmers. When the farmers harvest that hemp the people of the United States can again see a whole industry come back to life. Growing hemp in Colorado would reinvigorate the term “Made in America”. CPR’s story below is short but shows that the history of hemp is still being written and we should all pay attention.

Colorado Public Radio – This week, the governor made owning small amounts of marijuana in Colorado legal when he signed Amendment 64 into the state Constitution. With the same stroke of his pen, he also opened the door to hemp. You see, the amendment directs state lawmakers to regulate industrial hemp. Right now, hemp products, from clothes to cereal, pull in hundreds of millions of dollars annually in the U.S., but farmers here aren’t getting any of that money. A federal ban on growing hemp means manufacturers must import the raw material. Well, now that Colorado’s thrown its support behind hemp, farmer Michael Bowman says he’s going to grow it. Bowman lives in the eastern plains town of Wray.

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4 thoughts on “Colorado: First Farmer to grow Hemp legally”

  1. I think this is great, the Declaration of Independance was written on hemp paper, whats taking so long.

  2. Growning American Industrial Hemp is a great idea! For far too long American farmers have been denied growing this cash crop. I hope that now it is leagal to grow in the US, it will invigorate the farmers economy. Who knows what new uses for HEMP can be found now that we can grow it here.

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