Whole Foods will celebrate Hemp History Week

Industrial Hemp Field - Healthy and almost ready for harvest

Industrial Hemp Field - Healthy and almost ready for harvestWhole Foods Market will celebrate Hemp History Week June 3-9 by spotlighting more than 300 hemp products.

Hemp is an environmentally sustainable plant whose seeds, oil and fibers are used as ingredients to make a wide variety of foods, paper, clothing, body care products, building materials and fuel.

Hemp HIstory Week - Hemp: Our HeritageThe Austin,Texas-based natural foods retailer already offers a variety of hemp products, including: hemp milk, cereals, granola, waffles, protein powders, nutrition bars, breads, snacks, chips, pastas, flour, vegetarian burgers and a large variety of personal care products including supplements, lotions, makeup and shampoos.

“It is encouraging to witness the growing demand for hemp products,” said Errol Schweizer, global grocery coordinator for Whole Foods Market. “We have seen a tremendous increase in products made with this nutritious, wholesome ingredient over the last five years. We are committed to offering our shoppers a wide array the highest quality hemp products in our grocery and body care departments.”

Hemp is loaded with digestible protein, dietary fiber and vitamin E. Thanks to both product innovation and increased awareness of hemp’s nutritional benefits, shoppers are seeking out hemp products more than ever before. According to federal trade statistics, the importation of hemp has more than quadrupled from 2000 to 2011.

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