Kentucky: Comer to pitch hemp to auto execs

Kentucky-The Hemp State

James Comer - Hemp AdvocateJanet Patton wrote this great article on the website on how industrial hemp is changing the ways we do business and how a change is possible through determined people! Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer said hemp fibers could make cars “greener.”

–Agriculture Commissioner James Comer will take his pitch for hemp to auto manufacturers on Thursday.

Comer will attend AutoConnect, an industry trade conference in Nashville sponsored by Frost Brown Todd. Executives from Toyota, Volkswagen, Nissan, Honda and others are expected to attend the event.

Comer hopes to meet with the executives to discuss using hemp, which he said has fibers that are “longer, stronger, lighter and greener” than other products currently used in the auto manufacturing process.

“It has been my goal to make the pitch for Kentucky-grown industrial hemp to automobile manufacturers,” Comer said in a statement. “Now the opportunity is here and I believe this could be a win-win: a win for Kentucky farmers and a win for an industry working hard to find a more environmentally sound manufacturing process.”

Some car makers in Europe use already hemp as a sustainable and biodegradable material in parts such as dashboards, soundproofing, and interior panels.

With federal restrictions eased on marijuana in some states, Comer said that Kentucky might plant hemp next year despite an advisory letter issued last month by Attorney General Jack Conway saying that farmers who do “will expose themselves to potential criminal liability and the possible seizure of property by federal or state law enforcement agencies.”

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