What’s the Deal with the DEA?

Making Hemp Milk

North Dakota hempHemp seeds are more than just a vessel in which to sprout stalks of cannabis sativa for textiles, paper, food products, cosmetics, fuel, and more. They are a potential life-saving miracle seed with clinically documented cases where the CBD in hemp has proved useful in preventing seizures in children as well as curing cancerous tumor cells in mice. With this information, it’s logical to assume that hemp seeds are a pretty amazing thing. The breakthrough that the human race needs to cure disease and help the sick. So why is the DEA cracking down so much on a substance that could save lives and change the world?

Many have found themselves scratching their heads about this industrial hemp hate from the Drug Enforcement Agency, even after specific bills have been passed in some states to grow hemp legally for research purposes. Just last month a shipment of hemp seeds bound for Kentucky were seized by the DEA and held until the Kentucky Department of Agriculture sued them for the release of the impounded seeds. The DEA then threatened to prosecute industrial hemp farmers and destroy the lots where the hemp would be grown. After the KDA fought it out with the DEA for two weeks, the industrial hemp seeds were finally released. State officials, however, still had to obtain a controlled substance permit. Some might wonder why a state who legally ordered and shipped industrial hemp seeds would need to sign a controlled substance permit to grow a plant which is, in fact, not a controlled substance.

Officials still plan to battle this issue to protect any future hemp seed shipment from being seized as well, but for now the planting of industrial hemp on these pilot programs were proclaimed a historical moment for Kentucky. A state in which hemp used to thrive. Industrial hemp farmers were pleased to begin planting their hemp seeds, because the applications for industrial hemp are mind-bogglingly abundant. One of the ideas on the forefront is medicinal use. As I mentioned before, the fact that some studies actually showed that hemp seed oil can eradicate cancerous tumors in mice is pretty compelling. It’s this sort of thinking that will move us forward as human beings and it’s this sort of thinking that can prove to be beneficial to our species in the future. Keep your ear to the ground, and check out the latest hemp news in Kentucky to find out how their industrial hemp program is doing as well as keeping an eye out for anyone who might stand in the way. Good for you Kentucky.

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