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Doug Fine- First Legal Harvest

First Legal Harvest - Industrial Hemp Book by Doug FineShow your support for Hemp History Week by reading a book that is all about industrial hemp and the re-introduction of it to our farmers. First Legal Harvest is the new hemp-printed monograph from the world’s industrial hemp fields and the digital age industries they are already supplying. By Doug Fine, the author of 2014’s bestseller Hemp Bound.

FIRST LEGAL HARVEST: Five hemp farms. Six weeks. One revived industry.

Last fall, Fine traveled to half a dozen hemp farms, processors and research facilities from Slovenia to Kentucky, Canada to Oregon. The result is this collector’s item of a twenty-eight page monograph.

In First Legal Harvest, available only at, you’ll learn about all that and the 2015 hemp industry outlook. All recounted in Fine’s typically humorous and rigorous from-the-field investigative journalism.

Doug is of the belief, as he puts it in the monograph’s first paragraph, that his “family’s future food and energy supply depend on the education” he himself is getting about the hemp crop’s broad economic value. Even a seasoned journalist, amateur goat herder and neo-Rugged Individualist can’t believe how this crop is performing in the ground, from Season One.

First Legal Harvest - Industrial Hemp Book by Doug Fine - Back CoverFarming communities, prepare for something strange: affluence through local, vertical economies. Americans, prepare for energy and food independence. Humanity, prepare for a ninth inning climate mitigation opportunity.

Buy First Legal Harvest here.

About Doug Fine:
After being raised on Domino’s Pizza and Brady Bunch re-runs, Doug Fine’s method of journalistic investigation was to strap on a backpack and travel to five continents; to the nooks where the world’s then-monied media venues weren’t sending their people. The deciders at these venues tended to be delighted to have a whippersnapper beam back colorful dispatches for poorly-remunerated publication as long as he didn’t identify himself as an employee of said venues. Complicated insurance ramifications for torture treatment might ensue.

As a young freelancer, Fine reported in this manner for the Washington Post, Salon, U.S. News and World Report, Sierra, Wired, Outside, National Public Radio, and other venues from little-visited jungle war zones like Burma, Rwanda, Laos, Guatemala and Tajikistan. He became a world-class adventure writer and investigative journalist, writing culturally insightful and funny dispatches. One of these, about democracy efforts in Burma, was read into the U.S. Congressional Record.

In addition to participating in hemp farms on both U.S. coasts and developing a television series, Fine now travels the world speaking about his sustainability realizations and his drug policy work, and is a regular contributor of adventure and investigative features to National Public Radio and many other venues. Despite all the accolades, he still milks his goats one teat at a time like all former suburbanite, neo-Rugged Individualist Organic Cowboys.

He enjoys drumming, spirit dancing, distance running, backpacking, rafting and kayaking, meditation, golf, singing at the top of his lungs, the art of conversation, the art of silence, and Frisbee on the beach.

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