Hemp pioneer fields questions at Ag Expo

Ryan Loflin talks hemp

Ryan Loflin talks hempAn attentive audience of more than 50 local farmers and citizens quizzed America’s first modern-day industrial hemp farmer at the Four States Ag Expo.

As the three-day event came to a close on Saturday, Ryan Loflin fielded dozens of questions during a hemp awareness event Saturday afternoon. Loflin, a third-generation Colorado grower, owns and operates the Rocky Mountain Hemp Inc. farm in Springfield, Colo. In 2013, he became the country’s first hemp farmer in nearly six decades.

Have you sold your crop?

In response to the first and perhaps most important question posed, Loflin answered in the affirmative. He sold almost a ton of hemp stalks last year to an Oklahoma firm, which processed the woody fibers into foam insulation.

“It’s a brand-new product that’s not even on the market yet,” said Loflin.

Envisioning the launch of a hemp magazine printed on hemp paper, Loflin said he has also sold stalk to a paper manufacturer.

Sold to a California-based company, the flower material has been used to produce medicine for a friend suffering from cancer, he said.


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