The Cannabrians are here!

(Canna-bri-ans, not canna-brians)

What makes your town, your community, stand on its own? Can you identify with a place, a skill, or like minded people, and if not, can a community rebuild its identity, or invent a new one?

What about the people from Hemp Town? In a town in France they are called the Cannabrian. The intent of this article is to encourage you to think critically about who you are and who do you connect with. A coat of arms is one example of symbolizing a person, family, community, country, history, skills, or a cause; aim to identify with your community.

At the last consensus, there are 317 Cannabrian people who live in Chennevières-lès-Louvres. It is a commune in Val-d’Oise in Eastern France, near the Charles de Gaulle airport, about 10 miles Northeast of Paris. Cannabria is Latin for wet places where the cultivation of hemp (cannabria or cannabis ) prospers. This is the name origin of Chennevières-lès-Louvres.

As a hemp farmer, one would question the reference to wet places, because we know that hemp does not like standing water. This was a predominantly agricultural village and hemp was not more common in this area than elsewhere in France. Today, the economy of this town is supplemented by large kerosene tanks in the territory to supply the nearby airports aircraft.

The coat of arms for Chennevières-lès-Louvres represents the stem of hemp in gold flanked by two fleur-de-lys of the same gold, and charged with a silver lion, which traditionally symbolizes bravery, nobility, royalty, strength, stateliness and valor, all very complimentary to hemp. The fleur-de-lys are historically associated with the French monarchy. The three petals represent the medieval social classes of the workers, the soldiers, and those who prayed. The symbol has been used since before the Egyptians.

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