Sick & Tired of Immoral Actions!

WSDA drawing up fines for hemp violations

This is what the WSDA is asking from the our state legislature. This would virtually end any chance of hemp industry in Washington State.

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• Up to $15,000 for growing hemp without a license.

• Up to $15,000 for growing hemp with a THC concentration of more than 1 percent. Hemp plants that test under 1 percent but higher than the legal limit of .3 percent would be destroyed. THC is the psychoactive drug in marijuana.

• Up to $15,000 for manufacturing hemp oil for human consumption. Hemp oil, or cannabidiol, is sold as a nutritional supplement.

• Up to $15,000 for bringing viable hemp seeds or plants into the state without WSDA approval.

• Up to $1,000 for planting hemp within 4 miles of a marijuana farm.

• Hemp processed in homes would be destroyed, but no fine.

• Up to $500 for not sending records to WSDA.

• Up to $500 for not posting department-provided signs on every side of every field.

ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE SICK AND TIRED of the overregulation of cannabis and hemp here in Washington!

The WSDA is DETERMINED to keep Washington State from having a viable hemp industry…. so that GW Pharmaceutical can have a monopoly on CBD!


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