OK Hemp Law Not O.K.

Richard Rose

In the latest state hemp law that no one appears to read before applauding, here is my analysis of Oklahoma’s recent HB 2913. Like Arizona, Oklahoma figured out how to appear to allow hemp despite onerous regulations penalizing local farmers:

Oklahoma Industrial Hemp Agricultural Pilot Program

  • Requires Certified seed, none exists for Oklahoma’s latitude. Also, requiring THC testing on Certified seed is redundant, as it is CERTIFIED to be low in THC.
  • Marketing OK.
  • With an Institution only, for research only on which certified cultivar grows there. That’s anti-farmer, and anti-Oklahoman, and rewards special interests such asa foreign corporations who now can control the farmer and squeeze higher prices out of them, rather than develop ne cultivars suited for loal conditions.
  • Intellectual property ownership goes to the Institution, not the farmer.
  • CBD OK (they think it also comes from the seed).
  • Contradictory as it appears to ban CBD from resin or flowers: “…(except the resin extracted therefrom), including cannabidiol derived from mature stalks, fiber, oil or cake,”. I’m not convinced CBD extraction is allowed by this law.
  • Legalized for 6 qualifying conditions or any FDA-approved CBD product from their Marijuana law.
  • Beefed up their anti-drug laws, criminalized such things as scales, extraction equipment, cannabinoid content testers, lights, blenders, envelopes (I am not making this up), pipes, alligator clips, and synthetic cannabinoids.
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