Hemp Future Week, Day 5: “Hobacco,” “Not-Pot,” and “Nobacco”

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“Hobacco,” “Not-Pot,” and “Nobacco”: savior of the artisanal craft Cannabis farm in a future of cheap imported molecules?

Smokable high-CBD Hemp flowers have much potential as we see in Switzerland and Italy, where looser hemp laws (1% max THC, no mandatory certified hemp cultivars) powered this entirely new market. We once said “you can’t smoke hemp,” but we were wrong.

The market includes the 60% of adults who once smoked pot but no longer do as the biggest segment (OSNICs: Old Stoners Now Into Cannabinoids), compared to the 12% Stoner market which is less a target (Stoners are CBD’s toughest market to crack, because no high but it still costs money).

Potential markets:

1) tobacco smokers wanting to cut down or stop (10% of the population?);

2) Stoners who find today’s pot way too strong and want to cut it, or want a mellower, “funnier” high, like 60s/70s weed was;

3) Stoner-friendlies who can’t/don’t like/want to get high, but still want to enjoy the act of smoking pot, such as the breaking a bud and rolling a joint and smoking it, or one who gets anxious or paranoid when he/she gets high but doesn’t want to feel left out of the social scene by not smoking with their cohorts;

4) experienced Stoners who understand that the Entourage Effect goes both ways, and want to add CBD to their THC intake for increased healthiness and high (CBD cleans and increases expression of CB1 receptors, the THC receptors); and

5) those looking for cheap CBD molecules (it should be about half as expensive per-milligram as the next cheapest source, such as CBD oil, because the lack of processing means lower costs).

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