New American Policy: Canada First

One of the last chances many farmers and entrepreneurs have to manifest the American Dream isn’t just being stripped away. No, the American Dream is being sold out to the highest bidder. In this case, that bidder is Canada

At the time of my writing, it has been less than 48 hours since the publication of my editorial praising the NY hemp industry. In the article, I discussed some of the pitfalls and problems that are plaguing the industry across the USA. Largely, efforts by Canadian groups to interfere with our policy so as to stunt the growth of hemp here so that we, as a nation, will be unable to fairly compete with Canada in the global market. I had intended to blow the lid off this corruption and collusion when the time was right, but I didn’t realize that particular moment would come before I finished my two-day juice cleanse. Almost prophetically, that dog is now beginning to publicly rear its ugly head and expose itself.

A well written article by Kristen Nichols was just published that summarizes one of the industry’s current hot topics of discussion, the Farm Bill’s current language which bans felons (whose felonies relate in any way to controlled substances) from the hemp industry for life. While the article primarily illustrates the opposition to the controversial Farm Bill amendment, there is a section that glaringly stands apart: a section quoting a Mr. Geoff Whaling.

Geoff Whaling is the head of the National Hemp Association. According to Mrs. Nichols, Geoff Whaling was directly “involved in negotiations over the bill’s felon language”. Whaling is quoted as saying “the felon amendment was intended to address concerns from hemp skeptics that the 2018 Farm Bill would give illegal marijuana producers access to a nationwide commodity market before regulators could figure out how to check a new crop for THC levels”. This statement is illogical and, frankly, quite laughable. That being said, it would otherwise seem an innocuous rambling of another clueless policymaker that is out of touch with the real-world implications of the policies imposed on us proletariat if not for one simple fact that was not mentioned: Whaling is Canadian.That’s right folks, the misnomer “National Hemp Association” should more accurately be named the Canadian Hemp Association (or just Canadian, it’s more fitting). The obvious question is: why are we allowing someone from a different nation to (successfully, might I add) negotiate language into a bill under the guise of representing our national interest? The sole purpose of the bill should be to encourage agricultural growth and provide a prosperous opportunity for our farmers who are already suffering more than any other class of American workers; how can we allow external influences to introduce legislation that will have absolutely devastating and irreversible consequences for the American farmer, entrepreneur, and economy? We cannot. We must demand that more questions are answered. Who did Whaling negotiate with? Why is it that no farmers or industry pioneers were provided the chance to negotiate the verbiage in a game-changing bill that will open an entirely new industry with unlimited potential? Were any monies exchanged with any elected officials from anyone close to the NHA? If so, were they from registered lobbyists? If the NHA is actively working to sabotage the American Hemp industry to squander an entire country from competing, how many other people or organizations are masquerading as our guardians but working against us?

Grow Hemp Colorado’s Veronica Carpio, a controversial but powerful icon who has recently been in the spotlight for speaking out about the discriminatory language, chimed in: “It is totally unacceptable for Canadians to be directly involved in the negotiations of any domestic hemp laws, especially at the federal level. The director of NHA, a Canadian, has pushed for and fully supported the additional discriminatory language that Mitch McConnell has added into the Senate farm bill that bans drug felons from hemp. I’m absolutely positive that the majority of NHA members have been kept unaware of this and do not support discrimination in the hemp space; it is time for its members to take action to pressure the NHA to have this horrible language removed.”

Veronica is not the only person shining a spotlight on the dirty politics taking place right before our eyes. Richard Rose, arguably the most influential and well respected voice in the hemp industry, has been firing off on all of these traitors very publicly. Before reading on, it is absolutely paramount to read up on the bio of Richard Rose: The Hemp Nut to understand how long this seasoned veteran has been fighting this exact fight. Truly, he is in a league of his own and has earned every one of his stripes as the godfather of hemp. “There are two, count em’, two US hemp associations pimping for Canadian hemp now. With friends like that, who needs DEA?” he jokes on Facebook. Who is the other association he is referring to, you might ask? A hot-off-the-press LinkedIn post by Rose about an unconstitutional new policy in California reveals his feelings about the Hemp Industries Association; “This has HIA’s fingerprints all over it, it is USA hemp’s biggest impediment seemingly protecting investments in Canadian hemp… if you’re a member of HIA, ask yourself why.” (1)

His claims against them seem well founded given that the HIA bio clearly indicates that they represent Canadian companies and even a glance over their board members reveals that they include Dustin Cosgrove of Hemp Oil Canada and also Anndrea Hermann. It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist to conclude that effectively representing the best interest for the Canadian hemp industry while simultaneously representing the best interest for the American hemp industry is extremely unlikely at best, and impossible at worst. It stands to reason that what is best for either industry is for the other to be stifled, if not completely destroyed. If one were to take a look at the longstanding history of the actions of HIA, it would seem as though they realized this a long time ago and picked a side. Sadly, it appears that the greatest chance of bringing hemp back to American culture and business has been reduced to just another good-ol’-fashioned Game of Thrones. Game on, Canada.

Next time on the Kikushite Chronicles:

Kikushite will be exposing more foul play and delving into the problems surrounding seed certification programs.

1) SB 566 California
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3 thoughts on “New American Policy: Canada First”

  1. You raise some very concerning points, and being second to Canada in a legalization timeline brings some scary situations. Hopefully, policymakers hurry to sort things out as the US needs to gain some momentum or be left behind.

  2. This is from Joy Beckerman to Assemblywomen Donna Lombardo:

    “While her divisiveness and mean-spiritedness in the form of publicized false accusations (unleashed and spread through her social media platforms) is damaging enough to constitute a very dangerous bad actor, it is her business practices and litigation history that are more worrisome.

    I’ve attached the docket and a brief summary from few years ago about Veronica’s lawsuit against multiple individuals from Kentucky, a KY tobacco company, the University of KY, the KY Dept. of Agriculture, and the Industrial Hemp Commission of the KY Dept. of Agriculture, an underlying issue of which case is Veronica’s marijuana felony conviction.

    I have also attached Veronica’s litigation history in the State of Colorado, wherein she has been a Defendant in at least 18 cases (at least six of which appear to be criminal); and she, being of a litigious sort, has been a plaintiff in multiple other lawsuits. There have also been multiple reports of business tactics involving fraud, bullying, and breach of contract – and my disclaimer there is that those are all things I’ve merely heard about, and for which I have never pursued actual evidence."

  3. This is good to see, many of us who helped start the movement in the Hemp space have been BLACKLISTED from a so called “industry.” I have come across emails between a representative of H.I.A., Joy Beckerman, who attempted to coerce Assemblywoman Donna Lombardo to have Veronica Carpio and myself removed from the Southern Tier Hemp Summit in June, 2018. I will send them to from the FOIA request so they can investigate the details.
    I look forward to all the other lies and manipulation of HIA and NHA to be revealed.

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