Dangerous Legislation Must Be Stopped!

“No Farm Bill is Better than Living With a Bad Farm Bill!”

No Food for millions: “It will cut $4.1 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Floor amendments will cause even more destruction, including ones that will attempt to cut SNAP even deeper. SNAP does work as it was intended to, where it grows in times of economic need, like today, and shrink as our economy improves.

It acts as an economic stimulus, giving families the ability to continue adding money to our economy by purchasing the food they need to stay healthy and ready to find and continue work until they can be self-sufficient again.

Most of the people who need this assistance are working poor families with children and seniors on fixed incomes. Nationally, 280,000 children will lose their eligibility for the free school lunch program.” (1)

Decarboxylation Required

Terrible definition of hemp based on an arbitrary number of 0.3% THC from a researcher, Dr. Ernest Small, in Canada. It also has a testing requirement which requires the DESTRUCTION of the THCA. This demonstrates that THCA is being converted, by the government, to THC and is not a natural process. This is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS TO BUSINESSES. (2)

Exclusion of those who helped get hemp legal today.
There is an amendment from McConnell that excludes people with a Cannabis/Marijuana felony and this is purely discrimination. (3) Veronica Carpio of Grow Hemp Colorado writes:

Recent Federal Senate Farm bill amendments (page 10 Lines 3-10) by McConnell included a “concession” to the Department of Justice in the hemp language which targeted a specific group of felons, specifically drug felons. In many states a drug felony for cannabis equates to less than one ounce.

Felons such as rapists, child molesters and murderers will be allowed to work in hemp, however this isolated, single group of minorities which have been targeted and impacted by the discriminatory War on Drugs will be not allowed.

This amendment will force many African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic/Latinos and others who have a state or federal drug felony convictions to shut down existing hemp operations and they will be unable to grow, process or own a hemp business in the future. (4)

We must do everything we can to crush this bill and throw it in the garbage. It has been created by greed, manipulation, anti-Americans, and people with serious prejudices. It is critical to pay close attention to who is saying they are for hemp, but their actions show that they are NOT FOR THE PEOPLE.


(1) Tell Our Senators “No Farm Bill is Better than Living With a Bad Farm Bill!”

(2) Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018

(3) Amendments to Ban Felons

(4) Grow Hemp Colorado Newsletter 21 August 2018

(5) 2018 Farm Bill with Amendments

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