It’s Been Time To Question Who You Follow

A fake and a liar.

Corruption at the top of the ranks with the President of Hemp Industries Association, a Canadian hemp group with specific intentions, Joy Beckerman. Watch out for the corrupt scammers who represent themselves as experts in hemp, they are experts at gaslighting and misleading people.

Beckerman has a history of this type of behavior, please read more about her in Washington State and how she manipulated their licensing and seed acquisition. The FOIA requests have returned about 30,000 emails including corrupt WSDA employees and Beckerman. This is a developing story and we will be following it very closely.

For all those slamming Dr Sanjay Gupta of CNN for introducing a CBD product, note that this company TOKI actually went and found another “Dr Sanjay Gupta” in India to use, in one of the most-flagrant branding frauds I’ve ever seen.

The Dr. Gupta of the TOKI deal or the company did not make any attempt to clarify that he wasn’t the famed Dr. Gupta of CNN.

This same NY public company also has an employee on a jihad against effective hemp farmers and activists in Colorado, for purely financial reasons. She also tried to help one company corner the planting seed market in WA, resulting in a suit against and resignation of the Hemp program director.

Pump and Dump

Not cool, TOKI. Not cool at all.
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The following is from the REAL Dr. Sanjay Gupta and a picture to help you see the difference between them.

A message from the REAL Dr. Sanjay Gupta from CNN.
Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the only CNN Chief Medical Correspondent.
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  1. It is so clear, when one wants to actually read the history and evidence, to see what HIA has done to damage the United States and our progress with hemp legislation. It was made very clear when they attempted to manipulate the first hemp bill that I worked on with Representative Wes McKinley. In addition, there have been consistent attempts to blacklist those, like myself, who have made substantial contributions to freeing the Cannabis plant.
    If one wants to look at the dangers looming over us today, just read the Farm Bill, it is extremely dangerous for hemp in the United States as it forces you to decarboxolate the THCA to THC…. Do you understand what this does?

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