“HIA is helping us”, but which HIA is that?

By Richard Rose

I’m confused: you say “HIA is helping us”, but which HIA is that? After all, the worst parts of the California hemp law are the very same ones they’ve been pushing in CA and HI since 2009. No CBD, mandatory certified cultivars, no pruning of individual plants, only dense field style, no female-only, no indoor. Anti-“everything that made Colorado hemp such a success.” How can you possibly think that suddenly after all these years they saw the light and error of their ways and now oppose the very provisions which they originally proposed? Especially because the 3 seats they have on the IHAB refuse to encourage actual production of hemp in California.

Which HIA are we talking about? The one that killed permanently the birdseed market for us in 1999 all over a lie to help a non-member, one who slagged HIA every chance it got? Or the HIA that sued to stop DEA’s legalization of hemp foods in 2001, saying then “DEA lies” but today quoting DEA like it was an Oracle Of Truth? The HIA started by a pot felon but which today has no position on marijuana legalization and is silent about pot felons in hemp? The HIA which kicks out then starts a whispered campaign of slander against its founders? Or the “Bronutivahoba Association ” which works only for a few of its members?

The HIA which was hating on CBD for years until it saw the money in it, and is now All About That CBD? Or the HIA behind mandating certified cultivars even where they don’t exist like So Cal and Hawaii, thereby killing two birds with one stone: protecting Canadian hemp while rewarding their friends selling certified seed. The HIA with a President trying to silence Colorado hemp’s most effective activists, or the HIA kicking out elders and founders who don’t agree with their lies and aren’t afraid to say so? The HIA responsible for recreational pot being more legal than hemp in 8 states? The HIA arguing against no regs on WA hemp, or the HIA pretending to speak for the entire Movement while secretly doing everything to slow that Movement in order to protect Canadian investments? The fiber group HIA suing DEA over food with a straight face despite the advice against it by the guy doing 90% of the hemp food business, or the HIA that made bank off killing hemp foods for 2.5 years when DEA paid its attorneys fees?

Apologists, which HIA are you referring to that’s going to fix the mess they themselves made? The HIA <this close> to throwing out an anti-THC zealot for slagging it to NAIHC, but then let him take over instead despite an unprecedented community warning in High Times in May 2000? The HIA which encouraged theft of and blocked trademark of the industry’s best two brand names? The HIA with a President who makes her career using patient-shaming of pioneers for sheer financial gain? The HIA President who sends me messages like this to me: “You are so mentally ill that I have compassion for you; but you need to know that I am always sure to make clear to every fine hempster in several countries that your sociopathic malignant narcissist ass has the insanity to attempt to connect with that your are [sic] literally bat shit fucking crazy and mean-spirited pathological liar to boot. You are a sorry sociopath.”? Or the HIA which gives me the first awards for food in 1997, then today acts like it was just a drunken one-night stand? The HIA with the President who prepares legal cases for a living but uses Veronica’s use of the courts for character assassination? I’m confused, surely we can’t be talking about the same HIA here?

Something to think about:

Max THC for Hemp in the EU is now 0.2%. But 1% in Switzerland, tropical nations, and eventually in the US. 0.6% in Italy. Even the source of “0.3% max THC = Hemp” admits it’s a number pulled out of a hat and has no scientific basis. Because of 1% and no mandatory certified cultivars, the Swiss hemp industry is off the hook. Thus, EIHA pushing for only 0.3% and not 1%, and not putting the requirement for mandatory certified cultivars on the bargaining table is too little, too late. Unless you desperately need an easy win just to prove relevance.

The HIA with the President who proudly tells Dope Magazine “We used to say it didn’t take any inputs,” Beckerman said of hemp weed. “We used to shout it from the rooftops, ‘it doesn’t need this, it doesn’t need that,’ and frankly none of it was true!”? Or the HIA with a President who says CBD is a bubble and CBD is Schedule 1 and HIA v DEA 2004 doesn’t apply to CBD, in order to slow the CBD Hemp Movement? Or is it the HIA always pushing for research-only for mankind’s oldest crop by universities with zero experience in Cannabis but beholden to the Feds, while other nations are free to grow?

Chris and I have been talking about this stuff for years and were there at the beginning of HIA, we helped make it a force, a legitimate trade association. And we know where the bodies are buried, the rank stuff which has never been made public. Yet you relative-noobs, knowing NONE of it, are always telling us to STFU. Why is that? To present a “Unified Voice?” But what if that voice has the timbre of Gilbert Gottfried and spouts nonsense designed to slow us down? Few of you have the integrity to do other than what you’re told by people very bad for the Movement. You say “we must unite and speak the truth,” then when we do it’s “STFU.” You don’t want the truth, you can’t handle the truth. You want a carefully-manipulated lie which is sold to you as The Truth, and you buy like a hipster at an Apple store the day the iPhone X is released.

If HIA wants to pretend to be The Voice of the Industry, then it has no business excluding legitimate voices within that industry while covering up ill behavior toxic to the Movement. How we get there is as important as getting there. If we can’t have leaders who are ethical and tell the truth no matter what, perhaps it’s time for new leaders?

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  1. Have you seen what the President of HIA has done recently? Using a fake Sanjay Gupta to pump her company stock up. People really would benifit to look really deep into the history and people who run HIA, and NHA for that matter.

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