Hemp Lost In Colorado

Voting Day, was a good day for many; yet a dismal failure for EVERYONE IN HEMP.

The status of hemp was secure in the State of Colorado, even if it was not the best it could be, but it was a lot better than what is coming down the pipe from the Feds. Why did Colorado give up its 10th Amendment protections from the US Constitution? For years I kept hearing how great Colorado law was for hemp and I would almost agree having had my hand on the pen for the start of all of this. There were some improvements that could have been made, but after seeing the numbers of the vote on the deceptive Amendment X, we are heading the complete opposite direction.

It is treasonable for state legislators to look to the feds to control state hemp.

-Richard Rose

What is coming from the Feds? Just read the so called “Hemp Farm Bill” and the other proposed legislation. In SB2667 Section 2(A)(ii) there is a requirement that you will have to decarboxylate your hemp before it can be used.

“(ii) a procedure for testing, using post-decarboxylation or other similarly reliable methods, delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration levels of hemp produced in the State or territory of the Indian tribe;”

This forces the THCA to convert to THC which can then result in a hot crop. It also takes away your legal Right to use THCA as hemp derived Cannabinoid. Read the Bill Here: SB2667 – Hemp Farming Act of 2018

It targets Cannabis felons which is particularly cruel. Read the Bill Here: S.3042 – Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018.

“(B) FELONY.—Any person convicted of a felony relating to a controlled substance under State or Federal law shall be ineligible—”

“It is treasonable for state legislators to look to the feds to control state hemp. Colorado was the first 10th Amendment hemp state, starting planting a year before the 2014 Farm Bill “allowed” it, and the only 10th Amendment hemp state until WV. While many us have taken heat publicly from Colorado Department of Agriculture Secretary of Agriculture Sinning for pushing for 1% since 2015, the smart way to approach it (the way actual farmers would have) would have been a fix-it bill for hemp: 1) 1% max THC with testing of the whole plant, not just the top few inches, and 2) within the first 50 days of planting, instead of for max THC (CDA does all that just to appease the DEA, who CDA Secretary of Ag. Sinning admits badgers him).”

We The People MUST take action to save our country from being absorbed by anti-democratic corporations.

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