Hemp Sprouting in the Jungle

Steve Allin

The Hemp House Explosion is Here, Blowing-Up the Architectural Scene.

This is a simple example of what is possible in Costa Rica and other Central American countries. Steve Allin, experto en construcción con cáñamo, came for a visit and demonstrated the techniques of building with hemp. Back in October of 2015, Jason Lauve shared his knowledge, and also introduced them to Steve Allin of  HempBuilding.com and author of “Building with Hemp.” Mister (Hemp) Lauve educated the supporting architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe (Studio Saxe) and the engineer Juan Carlos Sotela with information about building with hemp, including structural testing of some materials.

Since then, there has been a growing interest in using hemp for building in tropical areas and the potentials to mix designs with bamboo, palapas and other methods common to this area to achieve functions and designs never seen before. In the pictures below you can see a basic structure which was completed recently in Costa Rica. You can learn more about ZeGreenLab Costa Rica Here.

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