One Step for Hemp Companies: The Farm Bill Heads to Trump’s Desk.

The United States Senate passed the new language for the Farm Bill legislation in an 87-to-13 vote on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday in a 386-47 vote, the House of Representatives approved a bill which allocates billions of dollars in subsidies to American farmers and land owners (Forbes). Over the next ten years this is expected to cost close to $1 trillion.

The language is very interesting when it comes to the “Legalization” of hemp. There are many opinions as to what it specifically does for CBD, fiber, food, and other questions. Many believe that it is legalized hemp for everyone, but this is far from the truth. For example, a hippie with a drug felon’s can not participate for 10 years, unless they are already in an approved State program. This prevents individuals who have marijuana convictions from participating in the growth potentials. Oddly enough, all this is happening because of “those peoples” efforts, before “legalization.”

But beware, under the new Farm bill if your state says it’s illegal, then this gives the power the State needs to prosecute someone for selling CBD.

“I’m very disappointed the conferees decided to expand the loopholes on farm subsidies.

I’ve been trying to make sure the people who get the subsidies are real farmers.

I’ve been trying for three years, and it gets worse and worse and worse.”

-Senator Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa)

It has a substantial amount of money going to the expansion of federal subsidies to more-distant relatives of farmers, even if those relatives do not directly work on the farm. (More about this here)

It does have a very strange and completely unrelated buried section which is about the war in Yemen. SPecifically it blocks the Yemen Vote for this Congress. The farm and nutrition bill is being used to block the U.S. from pulling support from a war that’s directly causing famine, where the U.N.  announced that famine is taking place due to the war.

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