CBD Is Illegal In Wyoming. Will Industrial Hemp Help Change That?

Comment: Take action by getting involved and calling your local politicians and representatives, this will help everyone, even law enforcement (they can use it for health reasons too).

By Kamila Kudelska

Cannabidiol or more commonly known as CBD has gained popularity as people use those products for anxiety, back pain and even epilepsy. CBD is currently illegal in Wyoming, but a bill on industrial hemp might resolve that problem.

Kelly Lohstreter is the manager of Smoker Friendly in Cody. She carried a number of CBD products in her store but at the end of August, she was informed that she had to pull those items off of her shelves.

“The state of Wyoming was not allowing it. Even though it was approved for all 50 states. Wyoming said no, and that was that,” said Lohstreter.

Smoker Friendly is a chain of over 800 retail stores. According to a site manager at the corporation, Wyoming law enforcement tested some CBD products and said any trace of THC, which is the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, was illegal. So they pulled all CBD products from their store locations in Wyoming.

Lohstreter said that’s not right.

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