First Cannabis (Hemp) Gummies Will Arrive In Mexico at the End of January

As we share news from around the world, it is important to understand that Hemp is called Cannabis in many other countries. This article is one of those where Cannabis is referring to the CBD hemp product.

By ALEJANDRA RODRÍGUEZ ** El Financiero **

Its cost will be 250 pesos, about 75% lower than what is sold in the US.

The Mexican CBD Life will import from the United States the gummies that will come in two presentations, mix of fruits and red fruits.

At the end of January it is expected that the first edible gummies will arrive in Mexico, which, instead of giving you a sugar rush , will relax you, thanks to its content of CBD, a component of cannabis sativa.

Janko Ruíz de Chávez, operations director of CBD Life, informed that the first batch of products will arrive in Mexico, coming from the United States, at the end of January and it is estimated that the cost of the gummies will be 250 pesos (About $12.50 dollars US), 75% cheaper compared to what it costs in the USA, where its price reaches over 1,000 pesos ($50 dollars US).


Another of the products that stand out in the CBD Life portfolio is the Mariguanol ointment, which will be sold at a price of between 80 and 150 pesos (About $4 dollars US to $7.50 dollars US), depending on the packaging.

CBD Life is one of the 10 firms that received permission from the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks to import products with CBD, its portfolio consists of 21 items that will be marketed in Farmacias San Pablo, del Ahorro, Yza, Guadalajara, Nutrisa and the Amazon e-commerce store.

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