It’s Time To Take Off These Federal Chains

The people have spoken. The polls now show that 6 in 10 Americans believe we should legalize Cannabis for adult use. Even more are in support of doctors recommending hemp-based CBD medicines.

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp after a long 81 years of being grouped with marijuana – federally chained behind bars with other Schedule 1 prison sentence holders like heroin, ecstasy, LSD, and peyote. Marijuana is still behind bars even though industrial hemp (officially: cannabis with less than 0.3% THC) has been released. The support for legalizing cannabis across the board keeps rising – the proof is in the polls, but the political actions being taken are not perfectly in tune to the vibe of the nation.

Of course during prohibition, cannabis supporters have been hiding in closets and in friends’ basements – passing down tales while passing joints and bongs. Dr. William C. Woodward from the American Medical Association wrote a letter to Congress warning of the unforeseen harms that would be caused by and how the public would be losing medical value from cannabis hemp which has no proof of problems with addiction if H.R. 6906 becomes law. It became law in 1937, and the future of America and the entire world took a huge turn that day. During the 81 years after 1937, society has been fed a deca-dose of propaganda. Supporters have mostly been in hiding all this time.

Worldwide The People have been bamboozled. Countless lives could have been drastically different had (hemp) Cannabis continued being legal. Why did the American people allow this plant full of amazing qualities that can be used in a huge variety of industries to be stifled so long? Industries like fiber/fashion, food, fuel, plastics, medicine, construction, financial, and many other industries – they all find some kind of value in hemp.

How did millions of people allow this nonsense to last so long, and how can millions of people stop it plus make sure it doesn’t happen again?

Standing in the light and sharing truth – understanding the history of cannabis prohibition since 1937. Showing your support – displaying your dedication and spreading educational information to others who are curious. These are two basic ways to stand in solidarity of all the lives that are affected by cannabis prohibition. You can support a growing industry. You can support all of the sick people using or wanting to use hemp-based medicine. You can support the movement that is raising awareness for the truth by joining forces with Prohibition Since 1937 . Proudly wearing a shirt at a family get-together, a hat while golfing with your friends, or other items out to the movies that show the world you know the truth of what happened in 1937 – what led up to it along with the unfortunate events that have transpired since then. Showing your support in public is perhaps the most powerful way to show you support cannabis freedom and to cultivate even more support. By being a beacon of knowledge, a leader in the movement, you are helping the 6 out of 10 Americans tell Congress – The People want cannabis hemp to be released to the American people again.

If you agree with millions of other Americans, then support the revolution !!!

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