South Dakota Senate to Consider bill Criminalizing Use of CBD Oil

Commentary: Keep a sharp eye out, there will be attacks like this in each state unless stopped by ALL OF US. This will continue with other Cannabinoids if nothing is done to stop the Hemp Round Table and their manipulation of the worlds Cannabis plants. Remember they helped create this mess.

PIERRE, S.D. — The state Senate’s Health and Human Services Committee will listen to a presentation and possibly vote Monday, Jan. 14, on Senate Bill 22, which would criminalize the use of hemp- and marijuana-derived products like CBD oil.

The legislation, if approved, would put the products on South Dakota’s controlled substance schedule along with drugs like cocaine, heroin and marijuana.

Currently, the only hemp- or marijuana-derived CBD oil that is legal to sell in the state is Epidiolex, which is FDA-approved and used to treat seizures in young children. The sale of Epidiolex was approved by the 2018 Legislature.

Keep in mind that the patent for CBD and THCV from GW Pharma, was denied.

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