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top 5 reasons for hempSo, what are the top 5 reasons for hemp! People are always asking “what is hemp?” and “What hemp is good for?”.  These are very good questions! Industrial hemp is not new to civilization on this earth. In fact, industrial hemp has been used for centuries for rope, paper, fabric, fuel (diesel and ethanol), food (hemp seeds), building materials, and much more.  As we fast forward to the current time the uses of industrial hemp have only multiplied. Now there are even hemp plastics, refined methods of making paper, and fabric products, building methods have expanded greatly and the list is still growing! So what are the top 5 reasons that industrial hemp is a great thing for the USA and the world…

Top 5 reasons for hemp

  1.  Organically Grown – Hemp crops usually require little to no pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, or and especially synthetic fertilizers. This makes it easier for farmers to grow and better for the environment.  Hemp also is great at phytoremediation which is fancy for saying cleaning the soil.  This is especially good in places where usually the only solution to cleaning soil is excavation of total removal.  Hemp can reduce the contaminants and return the land to a much cleaner state.
  2. Cash Crop for Farmers – Hemp offers two main economical benefits – Farmers have another crop that they can grow that provides a solid income per acre, usually more than $250 for fiber and seeds and even more for CBD specific strains. Secondly, new markets are emerging using industrial hemp and as availability increases we are seeing these new markets growing into everything from multi million dollar markets all the way into the billion dollar CBD market.  With these two markets you are supporting an economy building product every time you buy a hemp product of any type!
  3. Hemp offers sustainable solutions – Number 3 of the top 5 reasons for hemp. As we mention in many places on Hemp.com, industrial hemp has many different applications. In 1941, Popular Mechanics predicted that hemp could have up to 25,000 different applications. We now know this to be a low number with all the brilliant minds coming up with new uses.  The amazing thing is all of hemp’s applications are completely sustainable and eco-friendly, especially compared to many of our current conventional products.
  4. Hemp seeds are amazing for our bodies – Hemp seeds have 30% fat – the good kind. They are excellent sources of 2 fatty acids that our body needs – Omega 6 or linoleic acid, and Omega 3 or alpha-linolenic acid. It also has rich deposits of protein, with 25% of the total calories it carries made mostly of high-quality protein. The protein content of chia seeds or flax seeds only gives you about 16%. You can do the math from here. Hemp seeds reduce the possibility of contracting heart disease. And if you are aware of the fact that heart disease is the number 1 killer all over the world, then you would also have a pretty good idea what a huge deal this is. Hemp is also wonderful for you because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it greatly reduces problems with dry skin and the irritation that comes with it. Its healthy fat content also helps those who have skin diseases like eczema. Also great for digestion! Hemp seeds are proven to contain fiber – 20% of which are soluble, and 80% insoluble.
    Soluble fiber forms a gel-like substance in your tummy, which gives you essential digestive bacteria. It helps you maintain healthy cholesterol levels, as well as blood sugar levels.  As for the insoluble fiber, it’s the thing that pushes fecal matter and other waste products to flow seamlessly through your gut. It also reduces the risks of diabetes!
  5. Build the economy! –  Finally we have reached number 5 of the what are the top 5 reasons for hemp!  Industrial hemp is one of the most versatile plants that I know of!  The products that can be produced from industrial hemp cover many different industries and thus has the potential to be a market disrupter in a myriad of good ways!  Farmers need a new crop to grow that produces good income and the fiber, seeds, isolates and number of ways they can profit on that crop give them a flexibility and income source that not many crops can rival!  All of this greatness for the farmers while also improving the land for which it is grown! Visit the hemp university to learn more about the many uses of industrial hemp and how this industry can drive a new era of farming for the people that feed and cloth the world!

Pretty convincing top 5 reasons for hemp right? Industrial hemp is an age old plant but with the technology of today our ability to fully utilize this plant is only now coming into view!  From food to clothing to plastics to fuel, the uses are too many to list here!  Again I would suggest heading to the hemp university to learn more!

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