What Is The Cannabis Oil That Is Causing A Rage In The USA?

Cannabis Oil is making waves in the US and Canada for all the great benefits to our general well being.

By Sarah Palanques Tost

(Translated from Spanish)

cannabis oilCannabidiol is a substance present in hemp that begins to be a common remedy to control pain, reduce anxiety and improve sleep

Sharon is 59 years old, lives in a remote rural area of the state of Missouri, in the United States, and has started using Cannabis oil. He does it at dawn, around six in the morning, just before going to work. “I throw a drop on the tongue in every shot,” he says. In his typical American kitchen, with his two-door fridge, orange juice with gallons, a counter overflowing with food and a magazine, he fills a thermos for the trip and gets into the car, after his three dogs and his daughter Kayla, 27 years old. Drive for just over an hour along the plains of the Midwest of the country, without showing that the oil has produced a single psychoactive effect. Without news, only endless fields of corn and country music on the radio.

Sharon and Kayla are mother and daughter. They work together, live together, buy together and give cannabis together. Neither violate the law nor do it for recreational purposes. Kayla discovered to her mother that the plant could help her to cope with the Crohn’s disease that she has suffered for two decades. It is an incurable inflammatory bowel disease that has already cost him three surgeries and forces him to take medication for life. “Cannabidiol oil is helping me reduce the nausea that my medication causes, but not completely,” explains Sharon. Kayla, who also suffers from an intestinal illness, says she also takes it, but only at night: “It helps me with insomnia and pain,” she says.

The key ingredient of the oil that has captivated women is cannabidiol (CBD), a compound of the cannabinoid family. She would not even consider considering the herb of laughter as a solution to her medical problems a year ago, but now…

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