Lawmakers demand to know why CBD was banned in NYC

CBD was banned in NYC – The compound CBD, which is derived from industrial hemp, has grown in popularity in recent years because of its reputation as a stress and anxiety reducer. It is derived from the marijuana plant but does not get users high, experts say.

Look DEEPER at what is happening with Cannabis and many more of these issues will be seen.

New York Post By Nolan Hick

CBD was banned in NYC“We are deeply alarmed by the opaque nature of the process by which the Department came to this seemingly abrupt policy shift,” Johnson and Councilmen Mark Levine and Robert Holden wrote in their letter to Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot.


“There’s been no explanation about why such a drastic step needed to be taken now,” Levine told The Post. “We really want to have a full public airing of this issue.”

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While we are still learning why CBD was banned in NYC it is important to share the knowledge about industrial hemp and hemp derived CBD. Learn more in our hemp university


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