The Hemp Food Craze-How do we regulate it?

No One’s Really Sure How to Regulate This Hemp Food Craze

The hemp food craze is great but the challenges of properly regulating it is difficult with varying laws across all of the different states.  Hemp food is an exciting and fast growing industry and this is one of the largest stumbling blocks.

By Sophie Quinton

hemp food craze
Anna Buck, a barista, holds a cup of CBD-infused cold brew at Blue Sparrow Coffee in Denver. Federal regulators say businesses that add cannabidiol to food are essentially adding prescription drugs into the food supply. The Pew Charitable Trusts

WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. — At Joshua Hudson’s smoothie shop, a bohemian outpost called Twisted Smoothie in a small strip mall here, customers can add a 15 mg or 30 mg shot of cannabidiol, or CBD, to their blended drinks for a few extra dollars.

They also can get a mini-lecture from Hudson on the virtues of the cannabis extract, found in both hemp and marijuana, which he and other fans claim can ease a range of health problems without making users high.


The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, first passed in 1938, makes it illegal to sell an active ingredient either in dietary supplements or in foods that will be sold across state lines. The FDA has approved a CBD-based drug, Epidiolex, for treating epileptic seizures and is evaluating other drugs that use the compound as an active ingredient.

But is that the whole story about the FDA “taking” the plant away from legitimate uses in food?

Meanwhile, state and city lawmakers are making their own rules. A 2018 Colorado law contradicts federal rules, saying all parts of hemp plants can be added to food for sale. Regulators in California, Maine and New York City have sided with the FDA and banned adding CBD to food.

The movers and shakers of Colorado, such as Veronica Carpio and Jason Lauve strive to educate people that “We The People” have control and can make better laws than those that want to control the plant. They both agree that people must beware of the trickery from “Hemp industry lobbyists” across the country.

‘Adding CBD to Everything’

When Hudson began offering CBD foods here in Wheat Ridge in 2016, he had to explain to almost every customer that CBD, unlike the better-known cannabis compound tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is not psychoactive.

He’s had to do less explaining recently, he said, as the extract has become more popular. “People are adding CBD to everything.”

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