A Flower Trapped Behind Bars

“My dear son Luke wrote this for his class that was supposed to be considering Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela but he wrote it with our favorite plant of renown in mind.”

Dr. Robert Melamede

A Flower Trapped Behind Bars

I am a flower trapped behind bars,
and as I write to her, the Sun above,
I Recognized and write-
She will view everyone the same
and as Mother Earth provides my home,
And for all who live.
I ask all to help me change my name,
I am not here to threaten, to frighten, but to enlighten.
See me as the messenger who provides golden words,
to lay the foundation of our road to a future,
that everyone will love.
Like the Sun and Earth,
I will do my best through love to help one and all,
A flower trapped behind bars.

Composed By Luke Melamede

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