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Architecture & Construction with Hemp

Prefabricated Hemp Home

Since 1994 Albert Dun’s company, Dun Agro in Oude Pekela, a Village in the Netherlands, has been processing hemp straw by using the latest generation separation techniques for natural fibers, such as fiber hemp and flax. On November 30 and December 1, 2018 Dun Agro opened the doors of the …

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Hemp Sprouting in the Jungle

The Hemp House Explosion is Here, Blowing-Up the Architectural Scene. This is a simple example of what is possible in Costa Rica and other Central American countries. Steve Allin, experto en construcción con cáñamo, came for a visit and demonstrated the techniques of building with hemp. Back in October of 2015, Jason Lauve …

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Hemp Art Studio Project

This project is developed on the North Pacific side of Costa Rica for a private client and began in 2015. The project consultant is Jason Lauve (Mr. Hemp) from Colorado, the Architecture firm is Studio Saxe out of San Jose and the hemp building expert is Steve Allin from Ireland. After catching …

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